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OriginSydney NSW
GenresPower metal
Years active- present
LabelsSteel Cartel
Associated actsDungeon, Saint Lucifer, Paindivision, Death Dealer, Empires of Eden, Symphony X, Night Legion, Crimsonfire, Blasted to Static
MembersStu Marshall, Mike LePond, Louie Gorgievski, Clay T

Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Stu Marshall (guitar)
    • Mike LePond (bass)
    • Louie Gorgievski (vocals)
    • Clay Tchakalian (drums)

Band information

Arkenstone is a recording project featuring Stu Marshall of Death Dealer, Mike LePond from Symphony X, Clay T of Night Legion and former Crimsonfire vocalist Louie Gorgievski.



2021 Ascension of the Fallen Steel Cartel