As Angels Bleed

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As Angels Bleed
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresGothic metal
Years active2009 - ?
Past members
  • Avelina de Moray
  • Von Lehmann
  • Jack Savage
  • Frankie Macri
  • April Noele Byrnes

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Avelina de Moray (vocals)
    • Von Lehmann (guitar)
    • Frankie Macri (drums) (live)
    • Jack Savage (bass) (live)
  • Former members
    • April Noele Byrnes (keys) (live) 2012

Band information

Goth metal band formed as a duo of Avelina de Moray and Von Lehmann in 2009. A live band solidified in 2012 and the album appeared mid-2013. Oliver Fogwell from Our Last Enemy features. The band doesn't seem to have been sustained beyond this.



2013 As Angels Bleed Independent