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Band information

  • Line-up
    • Shane Dowsett (guitar)
    • Pete Heywood (guitar)
    • Tony Nunns (vocals, guitar, keys)
    • Steve Pope (drums)
    • Paul Bromley (bass)
  • Former members
    • Mick Gottle (bass, keys)


Brisbane, QLD, 1992

Band information

Bulldozer was a melodic and massively heavy stoner metal band from Brisbane, one of the first bands of their kind in Australia. The first album merely hinted at the awesome power this band possessed. Utilising three guitarists, Bulldozer was nothing short of an extraordinarily apt name for this unit although both sadly wide scale appreciation was not forthcoming, despite the excellence of the second issue, and the band split in 1997.

Pete Heywood currently plays in Brisbane band J-Pan Fan.



1994 Seedy self release
1995 Prayer to Hui self release


1996 Nutting Shock
1997 1/2 Arsed Shock