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Band members

  • Line up
    • Darren Cowley (guitar)
    • Andrew James (bass)
    • Paul James (vocals)
    • Tim Redjepi (drums)



Whyalla, SA, 1990

Band information

Cohort is a thrash/death band from Whyalla in South Australia that formed in 1990. They recorded a demo soon after but were unhappy with the result and it was never released. In 1993 they embarked on a small regional tour with other unsigned local bands and the next year released the "Near Death Experience" demo which garnered some support on Canadian public radio. This interest encouraged them to proceed with an album which was distributed by Warhead Records. Terrible production standards and ordinary song-writing made Drawn and Quartered a particularly sub-standard release but the song "Homophobic" scored a modicum of media interest.

The band broke up in 2001 but reformed briefly in 2005 to record a full-length album, Reflections of Madness (which was only available as a download) before splitting up again. Drummer Tim formed Goathanger in 2011.



1996 Hung Drawn and Quartered Warhead