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OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresIndustrial metal
Years active1994 - 1997
Associated actsDreadnaught, Damaged, Running With Scissors, Spine of God, Soulscraper, Womnal, Damage Factor
Past membersChris Hill, Greg Trull, Saide Lava, Fee Omen, Phaedra Press, Jim Schnookal, James Lynch

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Greg Trull (vocals)
    • Saide Lava (Ran Maclurkin) (guitar)
    • Fee Omen (bass)
    • Jim Schnookal (keys)
    • James Lynch (drums)
  • Former members
    • Chris Hill (guitar)
    • Phaedra Press (bass)


Melbourne, VIC, 1994

Band information

Discordia was a Melbourne band formed by Sade"Doll Juice, Sickman" and Soulscraper members Lynch and Schnookal. Their style was industrial death metal and Discordia was one of the few bands to pull this style off convincingly without coming away sounding like Godflesh, Fear Factory or Ministry.

The "Living Dead" EP was a brutal attack of controlled metallic bombast and cacophonous industrial noise. The follow-up made the first album look decidedly tame, but almost before it came out Saide had left the band to devote to his Spine of God project full time, taking Fee Omen with him.

Hilly from Damaged and Phaedra Press from Womnal slotted into their places within the band and with this line-up the album was toured and Discordia played at Metal for the Brain, but to no avail. Damaged reformed sometime shortly afterwards and Hilly left to concentrate on that band and Discordia fell by the wayside.

Discordia reunited with Sade, and an unreleased album was created featuring contributions by all members. Jim, James, Greg and Sade have toyed with the idea of reforming for a few shows. Saide is now a tattoo artist



1996 Gunwitch Siren


1995 Living Dead Siren

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1996 "Living Dead" This is Twelve ABC/EMI
1996 "Smackheart" Vulgar Tongue Shock