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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresThrash metal, crossover
Years active2012 - 2016
LabelsSlime Pit
Associated actsHorrisonous, Golgothan Remains
Past membersMishu Bari, Jay O'Brien, Aled Powell, Adam Ashlee

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Mission Grindmaster (bass)
    • Aled Drumlord (drums)
    • Jayradikal (guitar)
    • Rad Thrashlee (vocals)

Band information

Old school thrash and crossover band from Sydney. After a split with Wehrmacht and a track on a M.O.D. tribute, Disintegrator released an album in 2016 then shortly afterward went on a hiatus. Aled Drumlord has since joined Horrisonous and Golgothan Remains.



2016 Extreme Mutations Slime Pit


2014 Stolen Thoughts (split with Wehrmacht) Independent