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[[Category:Bands from New South Wales]]
[[Category:Bands from New South Wales]]
[[Category:Bands from Orange]]
[[Category:Bands from Orange]]
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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Tyraenos (drums)
    • Skolthorn (guitar)
    • Count Wrath (keys)
    • Lord Salaah (vocals, guitar)
  • Session member
    • Telal (bass)


Orange, NSW, 1999

Band information

Eternal Dark was an epic black metal band from Orange in country New South Wales. The band began as a thrashy trio called Blacklisted but after Salaah from Svartalfheimur joined they changed styles. Two tracks appeared on a split release with Salaah's other band Forest Nocturne but when he and Wrath moved to Sydney Eternal Dark became Arkheth. Salaah has since been involved with Vrag and Dissension.



2002 As Curiosity Killed the Feeble (split with Forest Nocturne) independent