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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Adam Glynn (vocals)
    • Mark Holain (guitar)
    • Cameron MacDonald (bass)
    • Marc Whitworth (drums)




Melbourne, VIC, 2003

Band information

Five Star Prison Cell is a Melbourne band that was put together by ex-Frankenbok vocalist Adam Glynn with Holain and MacDonald of Extra Virgin and Whitworth of Tension. It only made sense that once Glynn left Frankenbok that he would take what he was trying to do there and further develop it. FSPC is an avant-garde technical metal maelstrom that comes across like a mixture of Mr Bungle and the Dillinger Escape Plan. The band was designed as a one-off recording project but when Extra Virgin came to an end it was decided to continue FSPC and the group has toured with Walk the Earth and Sëbasröckets and supported Spiderbait. The band opened for Arch Enemy in late 2005.

FSPC’s second album Slaves of Virgo was slated for release in late 2006 but was delayed until early March 2007.



2005 The Complete First Season Faultline
2007 Slaves of Virgo Faultine