Forn Valdyrheim

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Disemboweled (drums)
    • Dan'thaal (vocals, guitar)
    • Karnull (bass)
    • Miasmyr (guitar)
    • Sarcorus (keys)


Brisbane, QLD, 2003

Band information

Originally known as A Solemn Death, under which name they recorded an EP, Forn Valdyrheim is a traditional-style black metal band from Brisbane. Miasmyr joined after the name change and was formerly with Urgrund and Catacomb and Sarcorus was previously with Tempestine. Azarkhel from Astriaal guests on the album.

During 2007 Dan'thaal left the band to join Spear of Longinus but remains as a session member for the time being. Karnull has switched to guitar.



2005 Reminisce Eternity self release


2004 Forn Valdyrheim (as A Solemn Death) self release