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[[Category:Bands from Canberra]]
[[Category:Bands from Canberra]]
[[Category:Bands that played Metal for the Brain]]
[[Category:Bands that played Metal for the Brain]]
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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Cryptstalker (guitar, vocals)
    • Hellpitt (guitar, vocals)
  • Live member
    • Ian Belshaw (bass)


Canberra, ACT, 2003

Band information

Ghastly was one of series of projects for Hellpitt and Cryptstalker, who under various names have played in bands such as Myrddraal and Misery's Omen. The style is old-school melodic black thrash. Ghastly featured at Metal for the Brain in November 2006 and then disbanded. Both members formed Demon's Gate.



2005 A Morbid Split (split with Flame) Asphyxiate/GoatowaRex