Heaven the Axe

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Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Phoebe Pinnock (vocals, guitar)
    • Aramis Pitrinec (drums)
    • Matt Silcock (bass)
    • Steve Watts (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Tom Rossell (drums)
    • Tim Aldridge (bass)




Melbourne, VIC, 2007

Band information

Heaven the Axe began as a duo of Phoebe Pinnock and Steve Watts (ex-Manticore) in Wagga Wagga. After the couple moved to Melbourne they began building a complete band, teaming up with former Damaged guitarist Matt Silcock and Abramelin's Tim Aldridge, who handled bass. Tom Rossell from House of Thumbs linked up with the band to record an EP and play some shows, including a showcase at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and a gig as house band at the Summernats in Canberra. Aramis Pitrinec recently signed on as the band's official drummer.



2011 Sex, Chugs and Rock n Roll self release