Iniquitous Monolith

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Iniquitous Monolith
OriginPerth, WA
GenresDeath metal
Years active2015 - present
Associated actsGallows for Grace, Entrails Eradicated, The Alchemont, Malignant Monster, Inanimacy, DeathFuckingCunt, Wardaemonic, Avantgard, Grotesque, The Uncreation, Nails of Imposition
MembersLynton Cessford, Brad Trevaskis, Tarren Whitfield, Brendan Nock

Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Lynton Cessford (guitar)
    • Brad Travaskis (bass)
    • Brendan Nock (drums)
    • Tarren Whitfield (vocals)

Band Information

Perth-based slam death unit formed in 2015 by members of various other well known Perth extreme acts.



2015 Iniquitous Monolith Independent