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Blue Mountains, NSW, 2004

Artist information

Machinoir started as a drum machine grind and metal project with Bart of the bands Beyond Terror Beyond Grace and Dining In Tuscany, and Dillon. Machinoir has since developed into numerous other styles, most obviously harsh noise and black metal.

The first album "mare" was limited to 10 copies. The next release "I'm god." was then released for free under creative commons licencing.

Machinoir musical and visual material is also featured on the Beyond Terror Beyond Grace album "extinction|salvation".

The band with both Bart and Dillon has only played publicly twice. Once in 2007 in Adelaide with Robotosaurus, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace and The Guantanamo Bay City Rollers. The other time in 2008 in Sydney with The Amenta, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace and Dining In Tuscany.



2007 mare self-released
2008 I'm god. self-released