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Artist information

Danish-born Mike Tramp is perhaps best remembered as the vocalist with late 80s US heavy rock act White Lion, a band that briefly enjoyed superstar status in North America during the hair-metal explosion. Tramp was based in Australia from the mid-1990s until 2009, originally in Tasmania and later in Melbourne. He has since returned to his native Denmark.

From 2002 onward, he undertook several small-scale east coast tours using Melbourne AOR group Stand as his live band. His mid-2003 tour saw him journey through Australia and Indonesia playing a two-hour set made up exclusively of White Lion material.

Tramp's albums feature an array of international talent. Musically, only the first and the live album are hard rock. The others are laid-back AOR.

Despite statements suggesting he would no longer perform White Lion material, after another small-scale Australian tour in early 2005, he went on to tour the US and Europe as Tramp’s White Lion. Legal action from Vito Bratta initially prevented Tramp from using the White Lion name but during 2007 with the line-up of Claus Langeskov (bass), Jamie Law (guitar), Tony Farrell (drums) and Henning Wanner (keyboard), Tramp recorded a new White Lion album called Return of the Pride and toured it worldwide.

As he is no longer an Australian resident, this page will no longer be updated.





1996 Capricorn Ulftone
2000 Recovering the Wasted Years Ulftone
2003 More to Life Than This Ulftone
2003 Rock N Roll Alive Ulftone
2004 Songs I Left Behind Ulftone