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Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Mick Crosswell (bass)
    • Matt Wecker (guitar)
    • Russell Wynn (drums)
  • Former members
    • Stuart Martin (guitar) 1996 - 1997
    • Hoagie Merry (drums) 1994 - 1996
    • Marky Hardcore (vocals)


Brisbane, QLD, 1994

Band information

Mindrape was formed in 1994 by ex-AIM (Anger in Motion) frontman Marky Hardcore and bass player Mick Crosswell. After several line up changes the band started gigging around Brisbane with the line up of Marky on vocals, Mick on bass, guitarists Stuart Martin and Matt Wecker and Hoagie Merry (drums).

Mindrape's music started out as a punk/metal crossover and gradually became more metal orientated. Originally the band touched on political themes following the true nature of punk and anti-religious themes following the nature of metal'. The band released a self-titled demo in 1994 which landed them with several international support acts. During this period there was dispute within the band about the direction to go in terms of genre. Other financial matters eventually saw Marky dropped from the line-up. This caused a backlash from people in the scene and led the band's name change to Dehumanography, a move that wasn't completely agreed upon.

There was a dispute about the origin of the bands original name'. Marky Hardcore maintained that it was his name and that the band should not continue under that name, and Crosswell argued that the name was from a Death Angel song from Frolic Through the Park. Due to sound engineers refusing to mix any gigs they played under the name Mindrape, the band settled with Dehumanography. As a result the band lost all the planned international support acts and only one was ever played, with Cathedral in 1996.

Drummer Hoagie Merry left the band shortly after and was replaced by Russell Wynn. Less than a year later Stuart Martin left to pursue his career and the band stayed a three piece. As Dehumanography the band went more in the direction of death metal and ended up sounding nothing like the original Mindrape. In 1999 the band finally fell apart.