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Band Members

  • Angry Pat (vocals)
  • Welfare Rob (guitars)
  • Lochlan Rainbow (Lochlan Watt) (drums)
  • Stubbs (bass)

Former Members

  • Keiran (vocals)
  • Crispy (guitar)
  • Rob (bass)



Band Information

Humorous, if somewhat undeveloped hardcore-laced grind supergroup from Brisbane featuring Western Decay vocalist Lochlan on drums and former Constance bassist Rob among many other names in the Brisbane music scene. The band went through a myriad of line-up changes and recorded numerous demos that are only featured on their Myspace page. A self-titled EP was released in 2007 (featuring the full line-up displayed above), and since then the band has ceased to be, with all the members concentrating on their respective projects.

Also worth noting is Mischief's amusingly deliberate usage of the word "bree" being growled in some of their songs.



2007 Mischief Self-release

Compilation track:

Year Song Title Album Title Label
2007 "Dimebag Was Shot in the Head But I Wish It Was You" Metal Hazard Vol. 1 (The Fallout Magazine Issue #4)