Muscle Car

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Band members

  • Current members
    • Damo (vocals, guitar)
    • Ryan Strong (guitar, vocals)
    • Metal Dave (bass)
    • Matt (drums)

Former members

    • Willie McRae (drums)
    • Shannon the Cannon (bass)
    • Roddy (drums)



Adelaide, SA, 1998

Band information

Very loud and raucous rock 'n' roll in the vein of Motörhead, The Wildhearts and The Hard-Ons. This Adelaide four-piece has existed in numerous forms since 1998 with frontman Damo as the mainstay with each line-up. In Muscle Car's near-decade of existence, the band has toured nationally a number of times and released a string of EPs which have won a strong following overseas, especially in the UK and Japan. The released a fourth EP in 2008, after which Damo moved to Melbourne and changed the entire line-up.

Damo is also the editor for Adelaide rock 'n' roll magazine Long Gone Loser.



2001 Sandra Sully Mondo Bizzaro Records
2003 Single As Usual Mondo Bizzaro Records
2004 Baby, Come On! Mondo Bizzaro Records
2008 Diabutsu Rock n Roll Mondo Bizzaro Records


1999 Muscle Car/The Gels Mondo Bizzaro Records