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Band Members

  • Final line-Up
    • Nick Cocks (guitar)
    • Simon Gouldkamp (drums)
    • David Jenson (bass)
    • Sacha Yarrow (guitar, vocals)
  • Former members
    • Ralph Skrzypaszek (bass) (2002)


Gold Coast, QLD, 2001

Band Information

Necrosculpture was a death metal band that originally formed in the mid 90s around Yarrow and Goudkamp in Murwillumbah, northern NSW, under the name Intrusion of the Twist. In 1999 IOTT relocated to the Gold Coast and late in 2001, the band changed names and became Necrosculpture. Early 2002 Ralph Skrzypaszek joined the lineup, moving Cocks onto guitars from bass, but his stay was short and he was replaced by Jenson, ex-Koil. The band split up late in 2003 with Yarrow and Jenson forming Limb From Limb.