Non Intentional Lifeform

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Declan Barry (vocals)
    • Andrew Day (guitar, mandolin, trombone)
    • Pedro (Andrew Pedretti) (drums)
    • Hywel Stoakes (bass)


Perth, WA, 1996

Band information

This was a diverse and interesting Perth band featuring an infectious mixture of metal, rap, funk, alternative grooves and ethnic music. Non Intentional Lifeform was formed as a side project by Declan Barry while a member of Botticelli's Angel, but was so successful that after scoring supports to the likes of Fear Factory the band was offered a contract by Roadrunner Records and moved base to Melbourne. There the band quickly released a debut EP followed by one of the most innovative rock albums of the late 90s in the shape of Uisce. This catapulted the band to national attention and they embarked on a national tour with Superheist. Virtually as soon as it had ended, however, the band imploded with Barry keeping the name and the rest of the group splitting to form a short-lived band called Pencilneck.

A new line-up toured with the Deftones, followed up by the release of the EP "Pathogen". NIL came to an end after this.

Pedro went on to play drums for Killing Heidi.



1997 Uisce Roadrunner


1997 Living or Existing? Roadrunner
1997 Sample of Semen Roadrunner


1997 Air Left Vacant Roadrunner
1998 Pathogen Roadrunner

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1997 "Die (i before e)" Thirteen ABC/EMI
1997 "Six O'Clock Headshot" (music video) Drilling the Vein Volume 1 (VHS) Roadrunner
1998 "Pathogen" Crank It Roadrunner