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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Damien Biggers (drums)
    • Nathan Bruen (guitar)
    • Moises Contreras (vocals)
    • Scott McIvor (guitar)
    • Vaughan Piffero (bass)
  • Former members
    • Adam Merker (guitar) (1997 - 2005)
    • Lindal Loakes (bass) (1997 - 1998)



Brisbane, QLD, 1997

Band information

Sakkuth is a European-style melodic death metal band from Brisbane, led by the diminutive, cloak-shrouded figure of former Misery vocalist Contreras. Sakkuth's original style is heavy, fast, crisp and technical death metal, although Quest From Within reflected some minute nu-metal influences. The first EP features early bass player Lindal Loakes and is now rare as it was originally released without the band's consent. Sakkuth established a solid reputation live, sharing stages with the likes of Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad and Brutal Truth and featured at Metal for the Brain consistently since 1998. Don't Fight the Urge was released in mid-2002 and further established their reputation for writing catchy and powerful melodic death metal. Sakkuth featured at the Morbid Tales festivals throughout Australia and toured with Damaged in 2003. Unhappy with the original version of the second album, Sakkuth reworked it and it was reissued in early 2005, with different cover art (shown below). Late that year, Adam Merker left the band. He was replaced by Nathan Bruen in early 2006, but the band remained quiet until their return to the stage at the Abducted Festival in July 2007.

Sakkuth's third album From Wretched Blood was released in December 2008.



2000 Quest From Within self release
2002 (re-released 2005) Don't Fight the Urge self release
2008 From Wretched Blood self release


1998 Sakkuth self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2000 "Time and Sweet Nectar" Full Metal Racket ABC/EMI
2005 "Banshee Scream" Metal for the Brain 2005' Faultline