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OriginPerth WA
GenresHeavy metal
Years active1980 - 1983, 1985 - 1986
Associated actsRose Tattoo, Trilogy, Chain, Swanee, Fatty Lumpkin, Sharon O'Neill
Past membersTony Cooper, John Meyer, Jon Ryder, Pete Thompson, Tony Cooper

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • John Meyer (guitar, vocals) (d. 1/9/20)
    • Jon Ryder (bass, keys, synths)
    • Pete Thompson (drums)
  • Former members
    • Tony Cooper (drums) 1980 - 1981


Perth, WA, 1980

Band information

Saracen was a NWOBHM-styled outfit from Perth that formed in 1980. The band had begun work on a full-length album when Meyer was offered a position with Rose Tattoo. Ex-Black Alice guitarist Jamie Page was brought in as his replacement but the new line-up changed its name to Trilogy. When Meyer returned to the band in 1986, they reverted to their former name and released a self-titled album. It was also released as a Trilogy album on that band's French label under the title Next in Line. John Meyer went on to play in a string of touring bands throughout the 80s and 90s, later becoming a jingle writer and music teacher. He died on September 1, 2020



1986 Saracen self release