Scourged Flesh

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • David Kilgallon (drums)
    • Todd Killgallon (vocals, guitar)
    • Simon Hoggett (bass)
    • Dan Holmes (guitar) Templar
  • Former members
    • Simon Bracegridle (bass) (2006)
    • Scott Lockyer (bass) (2007)



Perth, WA, 2002

Band information

Scourged Flesh is a Christian metal trio from Perth. The band was formed in February 2006 and has already completed two albums of melodic thrash with raspy vocals. Bracegirdle was replaced by Lockyer after the release of the first album. They put the band to rest after the Black Stump festival in '07, and formed Burial Grounds. In late 2008 they reformed with a new bass player and a second guitarist (who is also their producer), and wrote new songs for an album released during 2009.



2006 Released from Damnation Rowe
2007 Bury the Lies Self-Released
2009 Welcome to the End of the World SoundMass

Compilation track:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2007 "In the Image of God" Kill City Volume 3 272 Records
2010 "War Machine" Western Alliance: Operation Metal Storm Iron Guardian Industries