Screams of Chaos

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Galacticus Sarcophagus (Neil Johnston) (vocals, all instruments)
    • Abyssinial Bor Tyrennium (bass)
    • Cyberious Worgoth (guitar)
    • Derasi-Vorde (drums)


Brisbane, QLD, 1994

Band information

Screams of Chaos was a somewhat confused attempt at a cybermetal band. Originally a solo recording project of Neil Johnston's, which recorded a couple of extended composite techno-laced death metal epics for two Rowe Productions compilations (Johnston has worked on several Mortification videos), Screams of Chaos became a bona fide band with the addition of several other musicians with silly names who colloborated on the resulting album. The album had its moments but most songs ran out of puff by about halfway through and a briefly publicised follow-up does not seem to have eventuated; however, Genetic War was re-released with extra tracks by Retroactive in 2003.



1997 Genetic War Oracle

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1994 "Eyes of Destruction" Godspeed Rowe
1995 "The Plague Pts 1 - 3" Raise the Dead Rowe
1996 "Untitled" The Extreme Truth Rowe