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OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresDoom, Stoner
Years active2008 - present
Associated actsISUA, 'Neath, Defamer, Malaclypse, Flowers For Lily
MembersGeekie, Mary Jane, Doyb, Josh Bliesner

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Josh Bliesner (guitar)
    • Doyb (Boyd Potts) (vocals)
    • Geeks (James Geekie) (drums)
    • Mary Jane (Cat Andrews) (bass)


Brisbane, QLD, 2008

Band information

Shellfin was started as a jam band by Geeks from Defamer and Bliesner of Western Decay, primarily as a tribute to Kyuss. After a few months they recruited Mary Jane (Cat Andrews of Flowers for Lily) and Dyob ('Neath) and released an EP. Building a solid live following that was supplemented by supporting the likes of Shihad and Mondo Generator, Shellfin recorded a full length album in 2010. A second album was released in 2015.



2010 Second Hand Family Independent
2015 Cities Without Names Independent


2009 Stay for Tea Independent