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Disheartened after the split of metal/hardcore band '''Fall of Reason''', ''Stu Yovan'' and ''Anthony Zillante'' stockpiled their new material and formed '''Shot in Paris''' in Adelaide, September 2006.
Adelaide, South Australia, September 2006.


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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Anthony Zillante (guitar) 2006 - present
    • Stu Yovan (vocals) 2006 - present
    • Pete Panagaris (guitar) 2006 - present
    • Carlo Mendoza (bass) 2006 - 2007, 2010 - present
    • Con Koutsouliotas (drums) 2006 - present

Former members

    • James Hurford (bass) 2007 - 2010




Adelaide, South Australia, September 2006.


Shot in Paris made their presence known across the Adelaide metal and hardcore scene, playing almost every weekend across Adelaide for the first half of 2007. The latter half of that year was spent working on their debut EP and rehearsing with new bass player James Hurford.

January 2008 marked the release of the debut EP The Lines that Divide Us at the Enigma bar. The disc was recieved with enthusiam from the metal fraternity, yet amongst the group the morale was low. The band began to burn themselves out through what can only be described as 'over-commitment'. Around this time 4/5ths of the band were studying and working full time. Practises became few and far between and by the latter half of 2008 the band imploded, playing their last show at the Adelaide Unibar in November, 2008.

Written in retrospect to the bands 2008 split, Daniel Gaskin of Music SA wrote:

"The Lines That Divide Us is a blistering debut EP for fans of metal/hardcore that sticks to the guidelines and gives you exactly what you’re looking for. For any band looking to slot in nicely to the metal-core community that is so prominent in our fine city of Adelaide, Shot In Paris were doing a mighty fine job. To stand out on a global stage, metal-core bands do need something to set them apart, and perhaps moving on from The Lines That Divide Us, Shot In Paris would have found that point of difference."

After a year off from the local scene, Shot in Paris announced a string of shows, kicking off at Adelaide's Enigma Bar on February 20, 2010. By October, it was announced that Bass player James Hurford had been replaced with founding member Carlo Mendoza. Around this time, details emerged that the group is working on a full length album, considered for release some time during 2011.


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