Shot in Paris

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Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Anthony Zillante (guitar)
    • Stu Yovan (vocals)
    • Pete Panagaris (guitar)
    • Carlo Mendoza (bass)
    • Con Koutsouliotas (drums)
  • Former members
    • James Hurford (bass) 2007 - 2010



Adelaide, SA, 2006


Disheartened after the split of metal/hardcore band Fall of Reason, Stu Yovan and Anthony Zillante stockpiled their new material and formed Shot in Paris. By September 2006 with Fall of Reason drummer Con Koutsouliotas, guitarist Carlo Mendoza and Pete Panagaris on bass, the line-up was complete.

Shot in Paris made their presence known across the Adelaide metal and hardcore scene for the first half of 2007. The latter half of that year was spent working on a debut EP. Mendoza became disillusioned with the changes in the group and chose to step down as guitarist. Panagaris moved to guitar and James Hurford was recruited to play bass.

January 2008 marked the release of the debut EP "The Lines that Divide Us" but while received with enthusiam from the metal fraternity, by the latter half of 2008 the band imploded playing their last show at the Adelaide Uni bar in November, 2008.

After a year away from the local music scene, Shot in Paris announced a string of shows starting in February, 2010. By October, it was announced that Hurford had been replaced with founding member Carlo Mendoza. The group is working on a full length album, considered for release some time during 2011.



2008 The Lines That Divide Us self release