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| 1995
| 1995
| '''''Walk'''''
| '''''Walk'''''
| self release
| Independent

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OriginGold Coast, QLD
GenresGroove metal
Years active1994 - 1996
Associated actsStealth
Past membersAnthony Keena, Matt Lye, Jon Moody, Simon Williams

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Anthony Keena (guitar)
    • Matt Lye (bass)
    • Jon Moody (vocals, guitar)
    • Simon Williams (drums)


Gold Coast, QLD, 1994

Band information

Shotgun formed on the Gold Coast before moving to Sydney and played a groove metal style similar to Pantera. To avoid a name clash with that of a country-rock band, the group then changed its name to Stealth. They split up soon afterward.



1995 Walk Independent