State of Integrity

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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Aaron Franklin (vocals)
    • Andrew Morriss (bass)
    • Brendan Rhoads (guitar)
    • Nick Rhoads (drums)
  • Former members
    • Ben Clayphan (bass) 2003 - 2008



Brisbane, QLD, 2003

Band Information

This Brisbane groove thrash band formed in 2003 and began playing live late in the year after Franklin joined. The following year they supported Exhumed and spent early 2005 recording the debut The Fourth Season of Revelations that was released in June 2005. This was followed by a New Zealand tour in support of 8 Foot Sativa. A second NZ tour with Sinate was completed late 2006 and the group also appeared with Sodom and Job for a Cowboy in 2007. In mid-2008 State of Integrity opened for Dismember and also did shows with Caliban and Testament. Early 2009 they supported Whitechapel and began work on another album. In November, the band played in Brisbane with Obituary.



2005 The Fourth Season of Revelations self release