The Red Shore

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The Red Shore
OriginGeelong, VIC
GenresTechnical death metal, deathcore
Years active2004 - 2011
LabelsSiege of Amida, Stomp, Roadrunner
Associated actsI Killed the Prom Queen, The Ocularis Infernum, Picture the End, Clauz, Confession, Boris the Blade, Before the Throne
Past membersTim Anderson, Chase Butler, Roman Koester, Jason Loembruni, Tim Shearman, Jon Green, Jamie Hope, Jake Green, Damian Morris, Richie Johnson

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Tim Anderson (bass)
    • Chase Butler (vocals)
    • Roman Koester (guitar)
    • Jason Loembruni (guitar)
    • Tim Shearman (drums)
  • Former members
    • Jon Green (bass) 2008 - 2010
    • Jamie Hope (vocals, bass) 2004 - 2009
    • Jake Green (drums) 2007 - 2009
    • Damian Morris (vocals) 2004 - 2007 d. 19/12/07
    • Richie Johnson (drums) 2004 - 2007

Band information

The Red Shore was formed in Geelong in 2004 as a technical deathcore band by Jamie Hope and Richie Johnson. Jason Loembruni and vocalist Damian Morris joined soon afterward. The band began work on Salvaging What's Left in 2006, with Roman Koester producing and he also joined The Red Shore during this time. Early the following year they were picked up for international distribution by Siege of Amida Records. Johnson left and was replaced in July 2007 by former The Ocularis Infernum member Jake Green. Shortly after this The Red Shore played some shows with Job For a Cowboy.

During an east coast tour with All Shall Perish, the band's van left the road near Coffs Harbour in the early morning of December 19 2007 and Morris was killed. He was 22. Their driver and merch guy Andy Milner also died in the accident.

The remaining members of the band decided to continue with The Red Shore with Hope switching to vocals; Jon Green from Picture the End joined the band in a temporary capacity as they toured with I Killed the Prom Queen and Bring Me the Horizon in May and June 2008. He became a permanent member of the band after the tour. Throughout October and November The Red Shore toured the UK with Bring Me the Horizon and Viatrophy. The band's debut album Unconsecrated was released on November 11. It includes three tracks featuring vocals by Morris and guest appearances from members of All Shall Perish, Bleeding Through, Zao, Bring Me the Horizon and Impending Doom.

Through December 2008 The Red Shore toured Australia with For the Fallen Dreams, headed out on another tour in January and were then to play on the Summer Slaughter tour with Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Aborted and The Faceless in March 2009. However, a month before Summer Slaughter, The Red Shore announced they were withdrawing from the tour for various reasons including continuing health problems stemming from the December 2007 accident.

Between tours the band worked on re-recording demo tracks and songs from the first EP. The resultant album Lost Verses was released in May 2009 after an Australian tour with Bring Me the Horizon. Jake Green joined Clauz in January 2009 and resigned from The Red Shore for health reasons in August. The band was picked up by Listenable Records for European release and in October Chase Butler from Before the Throne joined the band in place of Hope in a temporary capacity as the singer dealt with personal issues relating to being the driver at the time of the accident. In November, The Red Shore toured nationally with The Acacia Strain. On December 9, Hope announced that he had departed the band permanently; a deal with Roadrunner Australia was announced on the same day. A deluxe international edition of Unconsecrated was released by Listenable at the same time that included both full length albums plus a DVD.

The Red Shore completed its next album The Avarice of Man in mid-2010, produced by Koester. A US tour with Suffokate followed. In November, the band toured nationally with Despised Icon and Thy Art is Murder. Jon Green left the band before the tour and was replaced by Tim Anderson from Confession. Jamie Hope later joined I Killed the Prom Queen.

On October 5, 2011, The Red Shore announced they had split up. Roman Koester later joined Boris the Blade.



2008 Unconsecrated Stomp
2009 Lost Verses Stomp
2010 The Avarice of Man Roadrunner


2006 Salvaging What's Left Independent