The Uncreation

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Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Grim Sh'dath (vocals, guitar)
    • Lord Bane (guitar)
    • Nick (drums)
  • Former members
    • Blitz (bass, keys)
    • Chaos (drums) (2003 - 2006)


Perth, WA, 2003

Band information

The Uncreation is a melodic black metal band from Perth. The band was formed until the name Nemesis in 2002 with a different line-up. An EP titled 'The Uncreation' was recorded featuring Grim, Chaos, Bane and Rob from Enforce standing in on bass and released in 2003. Blitz from Avantgard was enlisted into the band after this and a name change to The Uncreation ensued. The debut album was begun in 2004 and released in mid-2006. Following some line-up reshuffling, an EP emerged in 2009. A third recording is due during 2014.



2006 Dreaming in R'lyeh self release


2003 The Uncreation (as Nemesis) self release

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2010 "Nex Ut Sol Solis" Western Alliance: Operation Metal Storm Iron Guardian Industries