Thousand Needles in Red

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Thousand Needles in Red
OriginBrisbane, QLD/Sydney NSW
GenresAlternative metal
Years active2009 - 2012
Associated actsThe Butterfly Effect, Dead in a Second
Past membersClint Boge, Jack Letizia, Craig Monika, Trizo

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Clint Boge (vocals)
    • Jack Letizia (bass)
    • Craig Monika (drums)
    • Trizo (Tristan Bouillaut) (guitar)

Band information

Thousand Needles in Red was a project for Clint Boge from The Butterfly Effect and guitarist Tristan Bouillaut, with a heavier and more straight-forward metal style than Boge's other band. A demo track was produced with Jeff Martin ahead of the release of an EP in early 2011. A full-length album emerged toward the end of year following the mid-year Thousand Reasons tour with F L O A T I N G M E, Electric Horse and Red Remedy. When The Butterfly Effect reconvened for some shows in early 2012, Thousand Needles in Red was set aside.



2012 Empires Independent


2011 Thousand Needles in Red Independent