Torment (Central Coast)

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OriginCentral Coast, NSW
GenresThrash metal
Years active2001 - 2003
Associated actsAeturnus Dominion, Suicidal at Birth
MembersKylie Edwards, Tait Kristen
Past membersArthur Beck, Luke Davies, Eric Herington, Anthony Lodge, Justin Saville, Max Van de Sheur

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Kylie Edwards (bass)
    • Tait Kristen (vocals, guitar)
  • Former Members
    • Eric Herington (bass) (2002)
    • Anthony Lodge (guitar) (2001 - 2002)
    • Justin Saville (drums) (2001 - 2002)
    • Arthur Beck (guitar) (2003)
    • Luke Davies (bass) (2001)
    • Max Van De Sheur (bass) *fill-in for one show only

Band information

Not to be confused with the other Torment from Sydney, this Torment was a thrash metal band from the NSW Central Coast. The band existed from early 2001 until mid 2003 and recorded an album in late 2002 called When Hell Freezes Over.

Torment formed in February 2001 by guitarists Tait Kristen and Anthony Lodge under the name Carnage, but this was soon changed to Malevolence. Bassist Luke Davis then joined but he left in June to join funk-metal band Fuse. Kristen and Lodge decided to change the bandname again, this time to Hunter Killer, inspired by the Terminator movies). Occasionally filling in on drums and bass were Lodge's brother Jason and close friend Brent. The band finally changed their name for the final time in September 2001 when Justin Saville joined.

Around April 2002 it had become apparent that Saville's commitment was waning and he was officially fired after failing to appear at rehearsal. Kristen and Lodge auditioned replacements but tensions came to a head and the pair split. Kristen took the name and recruited bassist Eric Herington and former drummer Saville. This line-up recorded the band's album. Afterwards Saville left the band again, followed soon after by Herington. He was replaced by former Suicidal at Birth bassist Kylie Edwards.

In 2003, Arthur Beck was recuited as rhythm guitarist which resulted in Kristen moving to lead guitar and vocals. Plans were made to re-record When Hell Freezes Over but Beck was fired. In September Kristen left Torment to join Aeturnus Dominion and the group officially disbanded.