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OriginBrisbane, QLD
GenresThrash metal, groove metal
Years active1997 - 2006
Associated actsLaceration Mantra, Sons of Mars
Past membersRob Rieff, Achim Vollman, Drmsby Middleton, Michael, Stewart, Jason

Band members

  • Last line-up
    • Michael (guitar)
    • Rob Rieff (vocals, guitar)
  • Former line-up
    • Drmsby Middleton (bass) (2002 - 2006)
    • Stewart (bass)
    • Jason (guitar)
    • Achim Vollman (drums)



Brisbane, QLD, 1997

Band information

Transfear was a Brisbane thrash metal band which that formed in 1997. Transfear's musical direction was moulded in a very heavy, old school thrash style with hints of groove. After losing drummer Achim Vollman in 2003 and being unable to find a replacement, Transfear went on to record their album using a drum machine but it is unknown if this was released.

Vollman was later a member of Sons of Mars and Rieff formed Laceration Mantra with two members of Misery.



2000 Killer Species self release