Who's Guilty

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Who's Guilty
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHeavy metal
Years active1993 – 1995
Associated actsMortal Sin, Wizzard
Past membersSean Bosco, Andy Eftichiou, Bruno Gerace, Nick Pansini, Bob Wheatley

Band members

  • Line up
    • Sean Bosco (vocals)
    • Andy Eftichiou (bass)
    • Bruno Gerace (guitar)
    • Nick Pansini (drums)
    • Bob Wheatley (keys)

Band information

A band that should have worked, but didn’t. Band members were drawn from a variety of sources. Bosco and Gerace had originally been members of Wizzard (a band notable for containing later members of Mortal Sin and Candy Harlots), and Eftichiou was from Mortal Sin. After some level of hype, the band toured nationally with names like The Angels and The Screaming Jets, but interest wasn’t sustained and Who’s Guilty fell by the wayside. The EP was a misbegotten mixture of Black-era Metallica with some kind of off-the-mark pop ideology.

Eftichiou joined the re-formed Mortal Sin in 1996.



1994 Don't Let Go Knot