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OriginMelbourne, VIC
GenresBlack metal
Years active1994 - present
LabelsNecropolis, Osmose, Displeased
Associated actsCorpse Molestation, Terrorust, Cemetery Urn, Destruktor, Urgrund, Denouncement Pyre, Coven, Anarazel
MembersAndrew Undertaker, Chriss Volcano, Max Kreig, Valak Exhumer
Past membersDamon Bloodstorm, Deathsaw Dave, Gary Gestapo


  • Current members
    • Andrew Undertaker (Andrew Gillon) (guitar)
    • Criss Volcano (Chris Broadway) (drums)
    • Max Krieg (vocals)
    • Valak Exhumer (bass)
  • Former members
    • Damon Bloodstorm (vocals, bass) 1997 - 2001
    • Deathsaw Dave (guitar) 1996 - 1997
    • Gary Gestapo (bass) 1996 - 1997

Band information

Abominator 1998

Volcano and Undertaker formed the band in 1994; Volcano featured on the first Deströyer 666 album. Abominator's original demo was recorded as a two piece with Volcano's vocals. They were soon joined by Gary Gestapo (bass) and Deathsaw Dave (guitar), with Damon Bloodstorm linking up as lead vocalist after Bestial Warlust had folded. When Gestapo left in 1997, Bloodstorm took up bass duties for live shows and following the recording of a second demo Deathsaw Dave departed, leaving Abominator as a three-piece for the first album, released on US label Necropolis.

The EP is actually the band's first demo re-issued by a German label as a split CD with Mornaland. Bloodstorm left Abominator in July 2001 after the recording of the second album was completed. Following a label shift to Osmose, Max Krieg of New Zealand band Coven took over the vocal position and the second album was supported by some live shows with Mick Warmonger filling in on bass. In mid-2003 Valak from Anarazel joined Abominator and they toured in support of Mayhem. The band's third full length album, recorded as a two piece of Undertaker and Volcano, was released late 2003. Abominator has been sporadically active since then, releasing a fourth album in 2006. Nuclear War Now! released a compilation of early recordings is 2010.



1999 Damnation's Prophecy Necropolis
2001 Subversives for Lucifer Osmose
2003 Nuctemeron Descent Osmose
2006 The Eternal Conflagration Displeased
2010 Barbarian War Worship Nuclear War Now!


1997 Prelude to World Funeral... (split with Mornaland) Path to Enlightenment

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2004 "Nuctemeron Descent" Legions: Opening of the Southern Gate BlackTalon Media