Almost Human

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Almost Human
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresHeavy metal, hard rock
Years active1980 - 1983, 1985 - 1989, 2007 - 2008
Associated acts
Past members
  • Michael Dryden
  • Howard Kehl
  • Adam Keane
  • Damien Kelly
  • David Kennedy
  • Laurie Marlow
  • Louis Saez-Sanchez
  • Chris Tennant
  • Chris Tucker

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Michael Dryden (guitar)
    • Damien Kelly (vocals)
    • David Kennedy (guitar)
    • Louis Saez-Sanchez (bass)
    • Travis Dragini (drums)
  • Former members
    • Chris Tucker (drums)
    • Adam Keane (guitar)
    • Howard Kehl (drums) 1985 - 1989
    • Chris Tennant (guitar) 1980 - 1983
    • Laurie Marlow (vocals) 1980

Band information

Almost Human was a staple of the Adelaide scene for most of the 1980s. The band was formed in 1980 with a line-up of Christ Tucker, David Kennedy, Louis Saez-Sanchez, Chris Tennant and Laurie Marlow and began life trading in Van Halen and AC/DC covers featuring the bristling guitar work of Tennant. Marlow then joined Fat Lip and was replaced by Damien Kelly.

After Tennant left in 1983, Almost Human drifted apart with Tucker and Kelly joining Titan. After that band ended, Almost Human reformed with Howard Kehl on drums. With Michael Dryden added as second guitarist, the band issued a single but did little else. Tucker returned in 1989. Almost Human split in early 1993. Saez-Sanchez was later in BB Steal. Chris Tennant formed the Superjesus in 1994.

Almost Human reformed in 2007 as Tucker, Kelly, Saez-Sanchez, Kennedy and Adam Keane, developing a pop-laced commercial rock sound. In September 2008 the band opened for Judas Priest in Adelaide. The band reactivated in 2022 and played a festival in January 2023.



1987 Hold On self release