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Antagonist A.D.
Background information
Also known asAntagonist
OriginAuckland, NZ
GenresMetalcore, hardcore
Years active2005 - present
LabelsGreyscale, UNFD, Trial and Error, Mediaskare
Associated actsI Killed the Prom Queen, In Trenches, Confession, Saving Grace
MembersSam Crocker, Matthew Livingstone, Kevin Cameron, Jai Morrow, Luke Manson
Past membersJoshua Moffitt, Sean Connelly, Brendan Wishnowsky, Ross McDougall, Kris Bosman, Milon William, Israel McDean

Band members

  • Current Line-up
    • Sam Crocker (vocals)
    • Matthew Livingstone (guitar)
    • Luke Manson (bass)
    • Kevin Cameron (guitar)
    • Jai Morrow (drums)
  • Former members
    • Israel McDean (drums) 2005 - 2018
    • Joshua Moffitt (bass) 2005 - 2010, 2014 - 2018
    • Kris Bosman (guitar) 2005 - 2013
    • Milon William (bass) 2010 - 2014
    • Ross McDougall (guitar) 2005 - 2010
    • Brendan Wishnowsky (drums) 2005
    • Sean Connelly (guitar) 2005


Auckland, NZ, 2005

Band information

Antagonist A.D. is a metallic hardcore band that was formed in Auckland in New Zealand in 2005 by Sam Crocker and Joshua Moffitt under the name Antagonist. By the end of the year Brendan Wishnowsky and Sean Connelly had left the band and Ross McDougall, Israel McDean and Kris Bosman all joined the fold. in 2006 These Cities, Our Graves was released and they toured Australia with The Red Shore and then with Most Precious Blood. An Australian version of the album with two extra tracks was issued in 2008 and followed by an Australian tour with Parkway Drive, then dates of their own through NZ. Late that year the band's second album We Are the Dead was released and they appended their name to Antagonist A.D. to avoid confusion with a US band. During 2009 they appeared at the Auckland Big Day Out and toured through Japan and South East Asia, followed by Australian touring with Earth Crisis and Day of Contempt. McDougall was fired late in the year and Antagonist A.D. remained as a four piece for European touring with 50 Lions and a NZ tour with Parkway Drive. Old Bones Make New Blooms was released in early 2011 but recorded six months earlier; in the interim Matthew Livingstone joined the band and Moffitt left to be replaced by Milon William. Over the next two years the band released Nothing From No One and toured the world, playing shows in various markets with bands like Parkway Drive, Emmure, The Ghost Inside and Deez Nuts. In 2013 Bosman and William departed. Luke Manson joined on guitar and Moffitt returned. This line-up recorded Haunt Me As I Roam in 2015.

Moffitt left again in 2018 and Manson switched to bass for a national tour with Thy Art is Murder. By now the band had settled in Melbourne and late in the year Antagonist A.D. did a headlining Australian tour with Honest Crooks and Caged Existence. Israel McDean was replaced by Jai Morrow and Kevin Cameron (I Killed the Prom Queen) joined on second guitar. During a 2019 US tour the band worked on new material with Kurt Ballou and over the next three years most of the songs were released on the EPs Through Fire and All Things as COVID impacted touring, although they did appear at the Unify Gathering in January 2020.

Following Australian touring in 2022, Through Fire All Things Are Renewed was released in June, featuring the two previous EPs and several other tracks.



2006 These Cities, Our Graves (as Antagonist) Elevenfiftyseven
2008 We Are the Dead Trial and Error
2012 Nothing From No One Mediaskare
2015 Haunt Me As I Roam UNFD
2022 Through Fire All Things Are Renewed Grayscale


2007 Distance (as Antagonist) Elevenfiftyseven
2011 Old Bones Make New Blooms Trial and Error
2019 Through Fire Grayscale
2021 All Things Grayscale