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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHard rock, heavy metal
Years active1972 – 1977, 2013 - present
Associated actsRose Tattoo, Head, The Headhunters, Illustrated Men
MembersDave Tice, Vince Cuscuna, Steve Lorking, Murray Shepherd
Past membersPaul Balbi, John Baxter, Jimmy Economou, Alan Milano, Norm Roue, Ross Sims, Karl Taylor, Chris Turner, Pete Wells

Band members

  • Current line-up (Buffalo Revisited)
    • Dave Tice (vocals)
    • Vince Cuscuna (guitar)
    • Steve Lorking (bass)
    • Murray Shepherd (drums)
  • Former members
    • Harry Brus (bass)
    • Peter Ross (guitar)
    • Pete Wheeler (drums)
  • Final line-up (Buffalo)
    • Dave Tice (vocals)
    • Jimmy Economou (drums)
    • Chris Turner (guitar)
    • Ross Sims (bass)
  • Former members
    • Pete Wells (bass) (1972 - 1976) d. 27/03/06
    • Karl Taylor (guitar) (1975)
    • Norm Roue (guitar) (1975)
    • John Baxter (guitar) (1972 - 1975)
    • Alan Milano (vocals) (1972)
    • Paul Balbi (drums) (1972)


Sydney, NSW, 1972

Band information

In pre-dating both AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, Sydney's Buffalo could well be the earliest, some would even say the ultimate, of Australia's heavy rocking blues and boogie based rebel rock n roll bands. With a monstrously heavy sound that called to mind no less than the mighty Black Sabbath, Buffalo came to be in 1972 after changing their name from the previous Head, which existed as long ago as 1968. As a five piece featuring Tice, Baxter and Wells plus Paul Balbi on drums and a second lead vocalist in Alan Milano, this line-up was to produce the Dead Forever album but proved to be short-lived. Milano and Balbi both left soon afterward.

With Economou on drums Buffalo entered perhaps their most legendary period, issuing another two albums of raw and massively heavy rock, the likes of which weren't to be repeated until the release of AC/DC's TNT album more than a year later, and perhaps not even then. In 1973 the band supported Black Sabbath in Sydney and then opened for Slade and Status Quo in Melbourne and the following year played at the opening of the Opera House in Sydney with acts like Sherbet and Skyhooks. After this time however the band began to wane.

Baxter left in 1975 to be replaced by Karl Taylor and Norm Roue for the lacklustre Mother's Choice. Buffalo went back to a four-piece line-up with Chris Turner stepping into the guitar position but by this time the band was almost at the end. Wells formed Rose Tattoo in late 1976 after a tour with Rainbow and the final album featured Ross Sims on bass guitar. Buffalo ultimately disbanded in 1977.

In truth Buffalo was probably ahead of its time in terms of Australian audiences, never achieving anywhere near the level of success that the first three albums deserved, although the band did develop a large cult following in parts of western Europe.

The band’s first two albums were re-released in 2005. Most recently (2011), Dave Tice recorded an album with AC/DC's Mark Evans.

In 2013 Dave Tice put together a new lineup to revisit the Buffalo catalog at Evil Invaders Festival in Sydney's Manning Bar to find the bands music had developed a strong youth underground cult following. The lineup consists of Harry Brus on bass, Paul Wheeler on drums and Peter Ross from Age of Menace on guitar. Buffalo Revisited has since continued to tour and perform.



1972 Dead Forever Vertigo
1973 Volcanic Rock Vertigo
1974 Only Want You For Your Body Vertigo
1975 Mother's Choice Vertigo
1977 Average Rock n Roller Vertigo
1991 Highlights and Oversights Raven
1992 Skirtlifter Raven


1972 Susie Sunshine Vertigo
1973 Just a Little Rock n Roll Vertigo
1973 Sunrise Vertigo
1974 What's Going On Vertigo
1975 Little Queenie Vertigo
1975 Lucky Vertigo
1976 Sweet Little 16 Vertigo
1976 Rolling Vertigo
1977 Sailor Vertigo