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OriginCairns, QLD
GenresThrash metal
Years active2005 - 2010
Associated actsTormented
Past membersIce Hack, Kned, Greggore, Mykill, Genis the Penis, Euan Williams

Band members

  • Line-up
    • Ice Hack (Isaac Lis) (guitar)
    • Kned (Ned Gulliford) (drums)
    • Greggore (Nick Gregg) (vocals) 2005 -
    • Mykill (Michael Maroules) (guitar)
    • Genis The Penis (Gene Waltham) (bass)
  • Former members
    • Euan Williams (vocals) 2005



Cairns, QLD, 2005

Band information

Canniblast was formed in Cairns in late 2006 by guitarist Michael ‘Mykill’ Maroules and the rhythm section of Tormented, drummer Kned Gulliford and bass player Gene Waltham. After writing a few song the band found vocalist Euan Williams who had to leave after a short time due to painful headaches. Nick ‘Greggore’ Gregg from Deadlock and Phinisha joined on Williams' recommendation and the line up stayed the same until late 2008 when they employed second guitarist Isacc Lis to thicken up their sound.

Strong performances supporting other bands led to a residency at metal night club Freakquency. In January 2008 Canniblast began recording the Blasticide album. The band undertook a small scale Queensland tour during 2009 and won the Best Local Band category in the timeOUT Awards before announcing they were splitting in March 2010.



2008 Blasticide self release