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OriginSydney NSW
GenresDeath metal, Doom metal
Years active1990 - 1995, 2012 - present
Associated actsAvrigus, Lycanthia, Sh'mantra, Myraeth, Promethean Misery
MembersLeon Kelly, Michael Lenton, Tony Mulhearn, Lee Tassaker, Samantha Kempster
Past membersMatt Seldon, Daniel Moth, Simon Gruer, Melissa Tassaker

Band members

  • Current line-up
    • Leon Kelly (guitar)
    • Samantha Kempster (keys)
    • Michael Lenton (drums, vocals)
    • Tony Mulhearn (guitar, vocals)
    • Lee Tassaker (bass)
  • Former members
    • Melissa Tassaker (keys) 2015 - 2017
    • Simon Gruer (vocals, guitar) 1994 - 1995, 2012 - 2015
    • Matt Seldon (bass, vocals) 1994 - 1995
    • Daniel Moth (bass, vocals) 1990 - 1994

Band information

Cruciform was formed in Sydney in 1990 and developed a style of slow death-doom unlike anything else at the time. Atavism was released in 1993 and Daniel Moth was then replaced by Matt Seldon, with Simon Gruer also joining the band. In 1995 they recorded a two-track demo featuring "Gutter" which appeared on that year's compilation album from Warhead and Gruer went to England where he demoed some material for Earache Records. During this time Cruciform was billed to headline Metal for the Brain. Earache liked the material and were prepared to offer the band a deal but before Gruer could return to Australia, Cruciform had split up.

In 2012, Cruciform reformed, with Lee Tassaker on bass. They did a small scale tour and appeared at Evil Invaders in July, playing infrequently while working on a re-release of Atavism. In mid-2015 Simon Gruer was replaced by Melissa Tassaker. During September 2015 they appeared with Bolt Thrower. Melissa Tassaker was replaced by Sam Kempster in 2017 and Atavism was re-issued on vinyl in 2020.



1993 Atavism Warhead