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Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Adam Ritchie (vocals, guitar, programming)
    • Shane Dedrick (guitar, programming)
    • Ashley Banner (bass)
  • Former members
    • Andrew McIntyre (vocals)
    • Tony Waters (vocals)


Adelaide, SA, 1996

Band information

Originally a really exciting death metal five piece outfit that packed stages with dual guitarists and dual vocalists, as well as incorporating some infectious industrial sounds through the use of a drum machine, DEADpool's music was brutal, intense, scathing and original. Amongst several demos and supporting bands like Napalm Death, Deicide and Strapping Young Lad they managed to released a debut CD of 21 furious industrial-death-grind tracks through Dominator Records.

After a drastic line up change which saw Waters and McIntyre removed from the band and vocal duties taken up by Ritchie, the band was reduced to a trio and followed a much more industrial direction bearing little resemblence to their sound on that CD. Dedrick and Waters later joined Slaughter Thou.



1997 DEADpool Dominator

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