Dawn Heist

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Dawn Heist
OriginSydney, NSW
GenresGroove metal
Years active2010 - present
LabelsBullet Proof, Firestarter, Bastardized
MembersEllis, James, Lee, Pat, Zee

Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Ellis (guitar)
    • James (drums)
    • Lee (guitar)
    • Pat (vocals)
    • Zee (bass)

Band Information

Dawn Heist is a Sydney metal band with stylistic similarities to Chimaira, with some electronic embellishment along Threat Signal lines. In early 2011 they supported Terror and The Haunted in Sydney and later played at Bastardfest. They went on to play at the HammerSonic and Rock in Celebes festivals in Indonesia in 2012 and late in that year supported Sybreed and toured Australia with the Whiplash Festival headlined by Mnemic. During 2013 Dawn Heist began work on a full-length album that developed a more technical style and in October the band toured Europe with The Agonist, Arsis and Threat Signal.



2014 Catalyst Bullet Proof


2011 Time Wave Zero Firestarter