Deafening Silence

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Andy Walters (vocals, bass)
    • Amanda Neubauer (drums)
    • Josh Greiger (guitar)
    • Mikey Bethune (guitar)


  • Former line-up
    • Steve Coventry (vocals)
    • Stew Coventry (bass)



Adelaide, SA, 2004

Band information

Deafening Silence is an Adelaide band that formed in 2003. Their style is heavy melodic groove metal. The band released "Destruction is Creation" in 2005 and some time after that the Coventrys left. Deafening Silence was thus out of action for most of 2008 until Andy joined and the group set to work on their second CD, "Fear is a Mind Killer" that showed considerable development in their approach. The album was launched in May 2009.



2009 Fear is a Mind Killer self release


2005 Destruction is Creation self release