Death Audio

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Death Audio
OriginMelbourne, VIC
Years active2007 - 2014
Associated actsPicture the End, Abreact, Hawkstowe
Past membersWill Borland, Josh Cahill, Tim Annett, Phil Gee, Chris Green, Fabian Kahwati, Aaron Stevenson, Karl Steller, Clint Patzell, James Phillips

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Will Borland (guitar)
    • Josh Cahill (vocals)
    • Tim Annetts (bass)
    • Phil Gee (guitar, vocals)
    • Karl Steller (drums)
  • Former members
    • Clint Patzell (bass) 2010 - 2011
    • James Phillips (bass) 2009 - 2010, (guitar) 2010 - 2011
    • Fabian Kahwati (guitar) 2007 - 2010
    • Aaron Stevenson (bass, vocals) 2007 - 2009
    • Chris Green (guitar) 2008 - 2009


Geelong, VIC, 2007

Band information

Death Audio was a metalcore band formed by Will Borland in Geelong in 2007. Chris Green joined on second guitar during 2008, however by late 2009 both he and Aaron Stevenson had been replaced. They were the token Australian act at the 2010 Melbourne Soundwave Festival. Fabian Kahwati departed late that year after shows with Darkest Hour and Carnifex and he was replaced by ex-Picture the End player Clint Patzell with former bassist James Phillips switching to guitar. Both Patzell and Phillips were replaced the next year. In 2012 the band's album was released but after news they were recording another album in 2014, little more was heard from them. Josh Cahill joined Abreact in 2018 and Phil Gee later joined Hawkstowe.


2012 Death Audio Independent