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OriginSydney, NSW
GenresHard rock
Years active2004 – 2008
Associated actsRose Tattoo, Heaven, Flame Boa, Hell City Glamours, Circle, Illustrated Men, Peter Wells Band
Past membersJase Burec
  • Mick Cocks
  • Stu "Woody" Greenwood
  • Tony Kvesic
  • Stuart McKie
  • Dave Thomas
  • Archie Read

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Stuart McKie (vocals)
    • Dave Thomas (guitar)
    • Jase Burec (drums) (d. 15.2.23)
    • Archi Read (bass)
    • Stu "Woody" Greenwood (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Tony Kvesic (guitar) 2007
    • Mick Cocks (guitar) 2004 - 2007 d. 22/12/09

Band information

Doomfoxx was a hard-edged Sydney boogie and blues band that paid homage to classic hard rock acts with their streetwise sound and attitude. The band had its genesis in New York when ex-Circle vocalist Stuart McKie met up with Dave Thomas; after a short time they returned to Australia and recruited McKie's former Circle bandmate Jase Burec and bassist Mark Gerber to form Flame Boa. Despite attracting significant attention and picking up management from Michael Browning, an early AC/DC manager, Flame Boa failed to take off.

Some time later, Hell City Glamours bassist Archie Read was recruited into a new line-up and Doomfoxx was born. After a few rehearsals, ex-Rose Tattoo and Heaven guitar legend Mick Cocks was invited to join the band. A four-track EP was released in early 2005 and the band held down residencies at two Sydney inner-city venues. In May 2005, Doomfoxx completed a full length album for release on German label Armageddon, supported by a European tour with Rose Tattoo in July that included an appearance at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, and showcase gigs in the US. Following this, Doomfoxx returned to Europe for shows supporting Uli Jon Roth in October.

In February 2006, the band toured Europe once again as guests of The Darkness. A European tour with MSG in May 2006 followed. The band completed a second album called A Night on the Lash that was due for release in 2008. Mick Cocks left Doomfoxx in mid-2007 and was replaced briefly by Tony Kvesic and then permanently by Stu "Woody" Greenwood. During the second half of 2008 the band toured the US. The second album was never released. Mick Cocks died of liver cancer on December 22, 2009 aged 54. Jase Burec died of bowel cancer on February 15, 2023.



2005 Doomfoxx Armageddon


2005 Piece of Me Armageddon
2005 My Beautiful Friend Armageddon


2005 Doomfoxx Blast