Double Dragon

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Double Dragon
OriginAdelaide, SA
GenresGroove metal
Years active2002 - 2012
LabelsTruth Inc.
Associated actsAsphyxia, A Red Dawn, Echoes in Eternity, Voros, Dyssidia
Past membersDavin Buttery, Lee Gardiner, Matt Johnston, Josh Lamont, Liam Weedel Dan Busch, James Chamberlain, Jason Moon, Ben Murphy

Band members

  • Final Line-up
    • Davin Buttery (guitar)
    • Lee Gardiner (vocals)
    • Matt Johnston (guitar)
    • Josh Lamont (bass)
    • Liam Weedall (drums)
  • Former members
    • Jason Moon (bass) 2002 - 2010
    • Dan Busch (drums) 2002 - 2010
    • James Chamberlain (guitar) 2008
    • Ben Murphy (guitar) 2005 - 2008
    • Rowan (guitar) 2002 - 2003
    • Shane (vocals) 2002 - 2003

Band information

Double Dragon was an Adelaide groove metal band. The group formed in 2002 and after a few rapid line-up changes issued an EP in 2005. Double Dragon supported Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquillity in 2006, also releasing a second CD. In 2007 the band featured at the Adelaide Big Day Out and supported Slayer and Mastodon in April. They featured on the national Festival of the Dead tour in late 2007.

James Chamberlain replaced Ben Murphy in March 2008, but he was in turn replaced by Davin Buttery in September. The band's album Devastator was issued in May 2008 after a national jaunt with Soilwork and in November the band then toured nationally with The Haunted. Early in 2009 they appeared at Soundwave in Adelaide and released a split CD with Truth Corroded and undertook a national tour with them. Following this, Double Dragon played around Australia with Slayer and Megadeth in October.

In January 2010 Double Dragon toured with Chimaira and played on the Unearth/The Black Dahlia Murder tour in June. Afterwards, the band went on a short break during which long-serving members Dan Busch and Jason Moon were replaced by Liam Weedall and Josh Lamont. During 2011 Double Dragon recorded their second album, which they made available as a free download from their website late in the year. With Daniel Busch and Jason Moon gone from the band, Double Dragon was left with no original members in the line-up and it was announced in March 2012 that as of August this band would be known as Sons of Asena; however, most of the members formed Voros and Gardiner moved into other areas of music for many years before joining Echoes in Eternity in 2020.



2008 Devastator Truth Inc.
2011 Sons of Asena Independent


2005 Have Them Destroyed Independent
2006 Scars of Fire Truth Inc.


2009 The Devastation/Decimation EP (with Truth Corroded) Truth Inc.