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OriginWollongong, NSW
GenresThrash metal, hard rock
Years active1990 - 1996
Associated actsSegression, Side Effect X, The Kindred
Past membersJason Broadbent, John Buckley, Lloyd Burton, Jamie McGarva, Chris Sellin, Chris Rand, Zod

Band members

  • Final line-up
    • Chris Rand (bass, vocals)
    • Chris Sellin (guitar)
    • John Buckley (drums)
    • Jason Broadbent (guitar)
  • Former members
    • Jamie McGarva (drums) 1990 - 1994
    • Lloyd Burton (vocals) 1990 - 1994
    • Zod (guitar) 1990 - 1994

Band information

Eezee formed in Wollongong in the early 1990s as a hard rock/sleaze band, in which incarnation they issued a self-funded EP release, A Matter of Attitude in 1993. Some twelve months later Rand and Sellin took control of the band with the departure of Burton and enlisted Jason Broadbent and John Buckley, radically changing Eezee's sound to a more extreme groove and thrash direction. The group then took the extraordinary step of recalling all remaining copies of the EP, to further distance themselves from their previous stylings.

Rise From Darkness was followed by heavy touring and in 1996 the band changed its name to Segression.



1995 Rise From Darkness Warhead


1993 A Matter of Attitude Independent