End of Aeon

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Band Members

  • Current Line-Up
    • Mike Barillaro (guitar)
    • Corey Eves (bass)
    • Brad Hunt (drums)
    • Eliza-Leah Lane (vocals)
    • Danni Perez (guitar)
    • Andy Suppradit (guitar)




Sydney, NSW, 2009

Band Information

Sydney's Anjeliina formed in 2001 around Perez and Barillaro and worked through some line-ups, eventually solidifying in 2007 with Hunt, Suppradit and Ali Cunningham (vocals) and making the finals of the MusicOz awards before the singer departed. Lane and Eves (ex-Transcending Mortality) had linked up by late 2008 and the band has since been renamed End of Aeon. A CD is being released in May. Their style is melodic hard rock and metal.

Suppradit and Hunt are also in Starforge.