Filthy Maggoty Cunt

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Band members

  • Line-up
    • Sistah Fistah (Jade Starr) (vocals, guitar, programming)
    • Cock Smoking Crack Whore (bass, vocals)
    • Chainsaw Charlie (guitar)
    • DJ Uncle Brian (drums, programming)



Melbourne, VIC, 1999

Band information

Filthy Maggoty Cunt was a notorious grind/death band formed in 1999 by transgender artist Jade Starr (aka Sistah Fistah) who recorded the album Sadomasadistikwankore using only a guitar and a Sony Playstation. Despite the joke nature of the release, it proved popular enough for a live band to be formed. The live band sported ridiculous costumes and during performances were often joined on stage by jugglers, DJs and comedians. As a group designed primarily as a joke, they put on outrageous theme nights and often disturbed protest rallies. In 2003 Starr put the act to rest and moved to Sydney, underwent a sex change operation and performs and records with her band DreadCircus. However, a new FMC EP was recorded in 2006.



1999 Sadomasadistikwankcore self release