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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Boof (Adam Saltmarsh) (vocals)
    • Tamer Lee (vocals, guitar)
    • Skitz (Matt Sanders) (drums)
    • Trent Simpson (guitar, vocals)
  • Former members
    • Al Howell (drums) (1998 - 2008)
    • Paul Tipping (bass)



Melbourne, VIC, 1998

Band Information

Humonic is an aggressive thrash and death metal band that was formed by Tamer Lee and Al Howell after they met as members of Melbourne thrash band The Wolves in 1998. After that band met its demise, the pair began recording the demo "Psychotic" which attracted the attention of Terrorizer magazine when they visited the UK in 2006. Two of Humonic's tracks then appeared on one of the magazine's compilation CDs.

Following this, former Cryptal Darkness and Catwitch bassist Paul Tipping joined the band and the EP "Born Evil" emerged in November 2007. The band then completed a new CD called Modern Hilist with a new line-up that includes Skitz from Terrorust on drums and ex-Watchdog Discipline vocalist Boof.



2007 Born Evil Prime Cuts
2010 Modern Nihilist Hardline Media

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
2007 "The Prayer" A Blaze in the Southern Skies Prime Cuts